ESG Design


Company Background

From conception to completion, our goal at ESG Design is to help make your construction dreams a reality. With a wealth of experience and expertise on staff, the team at ESG Design is committed to providing efficient, practical, and innovative engineering services for your construction project. Whether a small remodel or a large development, we approach each project with the same commitment to quality. This is why local Washington homeowners, builders, and architects consistently come to us for projects that require structural expertise.

We assist primarily with residential and light commercial projects throughout the Western Washington area. We review and bid each project individually and are happy to work on either a fixed-fee or an hourly basis. With ESG Design, you will work directly with the structural engineer, not through another design consultant; the result is a more collaborative relationship and streamlined design process. We provide high quality professional project documentation to ensure efficient construction, and we remain available to assist you at every stage of the project: from conception, through construction, to completion. There is no better reward in our work than seeing a completed construction project make the journey from an idea, onto paper, and then into reality.


Professional Services

Our services include nearly everything related to design and permitting of residential and light commercial construction projects. Specific services include:

  • Project feasibility assessments
  • Structural remodel/addition consultations
  • On-site structural condition inspections
  • Structural design engineering analysis
  • Assistance with permitting and Building Code compliance
  • Blueprint plan set creation and CAD drafting
  • Creation of architectural site plans, floor plans, and elevations
  • Full 3D rendering and building modeling
  • Construction inspections

In addition to construction design and permitting, ESG Design provides limited construction-related legal services, including insurance claims review and expert witness consulting. For additional information regarding engagement of ESG Design for these and other legal matters, please submit a project request on our Contact Us page.

Service Principles

Owner Bio

Engineered Structures Global Design, PLLC was founded in 2006 by Eli S. Grassley, PE. Eli received his degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington and has practiced structural engineering in Western Washington for over 20 years. He has served as a designer, consultant, and project lead for structures as diverse as hospitals, high schools, office towers, industrial warehouses, and large custom homes. Along with maintaining his Professional Engineer’s license, Eli has also gained valuable industry experience working as an on-site project engineer for a large commercial General Contracting firm, and serving as an expert witness for counsel in legal construction claims. After working for several large firms over the years, Eli realized how much he valued direct connections with clients and the interactions that develop with each unique project in the residential construction market – eventually leading to the establishment of ESG Design.

For more information about Eli Grassley's professional experience, click here to read his CV.