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At the heart of every building is its core – its structure. And at the heart of ESG Design is our expertise as licensed structural engineering professionals. We specialize in residential home design, as well as light commercial projects. ESG Design focuses on producing results and building relationships. Whether you are planning your dream home or just want to expand your back deck, no project is too small or too complex for us to consider. We tailor our work product to the needs of the project scope, whether you need a simple inspection report or a full set of engineering calculations and blueprint drawings. Our experts are available to help at every stage of the project, from initial planning, through design and permitting, to construction completion.

Our team is thorough, professional, and personable, and we work to provide straightforward, accurate, and reliable design information. Our experience working with a wide range of homeowners, architects, and builders helps us collaborate with each member of the team throughout the design and construction process. When you are ready to call a licensed design professional, ESG Design is here to support you and help make your construction dreams a reality. To learn more about how ESG Design can be a key part of your project team, click on the tabs above for information uniquely tailored to our clients. Or submit a project request on our Contact Us page if you are ready to get started!

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